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Mobility Package I
The package is essential to ensure good implementation and enforcement of the road transport legislation, providing a balance between the social protection of

The EU Mobility Package and tax regulations in Poland, Romania ...
The next step of the EU Mobility Package will become effective on 2nd February 2022 and will lead to large changes. The changes are quite

Mobility Package - important changes for carriers
The Mobility Package should be understood as a set of European legal acts regulating international road transport. In particular, it refers

The European Commission's Mobility Package: IRU
The European Commission's Mobility Packages are a collection of three initiatives putting forward major changes to EU road transport rules. These proposals

Mobility package 2022 - key informations
The MOBILITY PACKAGE- in other words, is legislation aimed at regulating road transport for all European Union countries.

Mobility Package 1 - Publications Office of the EU
impacts on the combined transport sector of Regulation 2020/1055 amending Regulation 1072/2009/EU (Mobility Package 1); specifically,

What does the mobility package change? - JCZ Kancelaria Prawna ...
The mobility package is a set of regulations that aims to standardise road transport within the European Union by changing the rules already

Mobility package | Eurofound
The mobility package consists of three legislative texts that are intended to improve the working conditions of lorry drivers and reduce the

EU Mobility Package - What you need to know
The new package of legislative initiatives is intended to address a number of problems, supporting

The European Commission's “Mobility Package I” is an initia- tive to changing and extending EU road transport rules. It in- tends to better balance the 
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